Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ortiz wrist injury

David Ortiz has a bum wrist. I am predicting that it's worse than expected and he'll eventually be out for the season. Who will step up?

Casey? Will Theo and Co. make a move? Will he have surgery? It's all a guessing game at this point, but as we've seen in the past, wrist injuries really do a job on hitters. Remember Nomar's wrist injury? And if you think about it more, any injuries to the hand are detrimental to a players production. Ask Coco Crisp.

I hate to say it, but if Ortiz goes down, it's over.

(I know, that's a stretch, but I wouldn't a real Red Sox fan if I wasn't instituting my "jump off the Tobin" mentality when it comes to this piece of important Red Sox news)


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