Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thoughts on Celtics playoff tickets

We are about 59 hours away from the start of the NBA finals. Tickets went on "sale" yesterday. The reason why I put sale in quotations is because guys like me can't get our hands on tickets. Yea, sure, I could have gone to the Garden and waited in line for a lottery - a lottery, i.e. a CHANCE to buy tickets. Is it worth the $200 and my time? Probably not.

This is what pisses me off about professional sports. I've been a Celtic fan since I can remember. Yea, I grew up during the late 70s and 80s. Good times. Lots of winning teams. Then came the 90s and we all know what happened during those days.

That's cool though. We suffered through it and now look where we are. We are still in the hunt for #17. Getting tickets was no problem back in the days, especially when they were losing. Now, you have to have corporate connections or blackmail on someone to get the privilege to go see the Green do battle.

I understand that you need the high ticket prices to keep talent on the team. However, why hold so many tickets for VIPs, advertisers and the like when the REAL fans are sleeping on sidewalks to get in line just for a CHANCE to BUT tickets. The Celtics had about 1,200 that they offered to the general public. That's not nearly enough.

I guess most of the real fans (not including the die hards who have had season tickets and are going to game because I applaud those folks) will be watching it from home.

That's also ok with me. Good company, a few brews and my 42 inch plasma and I'm good to go. Add surround sound and it's like I'm at the game. In my case though, there are no long lines for the bathroom AND the beers and snacks are much, much cheaper.

Beat LA!


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