Saturday, May 31, 2008

How photography is like PR

I have my first wedding of the season today. I'm honored that Lindsey and Billy selected me to part of their special day. As I was cleaning my equipment last night and mentally prepping for the shoot, I started to think about how both of my careers (photography and PR) are very similar.

With photography, you have to do a good deal of preparation before the shoot. You have to make sure your equipment is clean. Your memory cards are formatted. Camera settings are ready. Your shot list is finalized. Finally, you communicate often with the client to ensure their needs are met.

In PR, all you do is prepare. You prepare for client crisis', upcoming news and announcements, events, etc. It's critical in PR to ensure that your messaging is fine tuned (like equipment). Additionally, you want to make sure that all your marketing materials and external communication vehicles are well written and on-message (shot list). Lastly, PR is all about client service. Make sure the client is happy. Do what they need you do to and do what they don't expect you to do. Keep 'em happy and get results.


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