Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Joe Burgantino story

Rumor has it investigative reporter Joe Burgantino is yet another veteran TV reporter who is departing from WBZ-TV. See ya later Joe. The Boston TV landscape is better off with out you.

Why am I hating on Joe?

I had an incident where I was working a crisis assignment for a client. It was a high profile case and the media was all over my client like white on rice. After repeated calls from Joe and other journalists, the media started to get frustrated because they weren't given access to anyone within the organization to conduct interviews.

Joe, being the pompus a-hole he is, called the office one morning and made a comment to me that attacked me personally, my character, and my profession. I can't get into all the details because of the sensitivity of the case, but needless to say I was shocked as to what he said to me. I wanted to reach through the phone and strangle him. It was probably the rudest I've ever been treated on the job or just in general. I've dealt with some rude people before - lots of them being TV "journalists." Joe was by far the worst.

Every time he'd call the office to request an interview, he got ruder and ruder. My tolerance for his lack of professionalism brought me to the point where I was extremely close to confronting him in person. Cooler heads prevailed and I let his childish antics go.

So Joe, if you're reading this, I hope that McDonalds or Burger King will hire you because as an investigative reporter, you were horrible. You never broke any real news. You often got beat by your competitors. And you looked like Beavis on camera.

The Boston media landscape is better off without you.


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