Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dan Shaughnessy gives me a complex

For all you people out there wondering why us Boston sport fans have complexes, just read the column today by Dan Shaughnessy about game seven.

I know that his role at the Globe is to piss the fans off. That's what he does. Yea, maybe we shouldn't have had this much trouble with the Hawks, but it is the playoffs. Anything can happen.

As it stands right now, the C's are up 18 at the half. I like our intensity on D and our aggressiveness on offense.

On a related, yet separate note, I'm taking a plunge on a plasma TV this week. I am SO hoping that the Celtics keep this up, win and welcome Cleveland this week for round two. It'll look SO nice on a 42"-er.


Charlie Kondek said...

Yuck. This guy Shaughnessy, if he writes like that all the time I'd be deeply irritated. He reminds me of our town's Mitch Albom. You may have heard of him. I am, uh, not a fan of his prose.

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