Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's Wrong With the Celtics?

Lots of people are talking and writing about the Celtics these days and the subject is the same:

What's wrong with the Celtics? Well, I'm here to answer this question.


Stop freaking out people. Yea, the Celtics have lost recently to two bad teams - the Knicks and the Bobcats. They are a small skid but it's nothing to worry about.

With that said, here are some things to consider:

- It's an 80 game season. We're not even half way there yet. So relax.

- Every team that the Celtics play are going to bring their A-game. The Celtics are the champs until some knocks them off of their thrown. Every team they play are going to try and match the intensity that the Celtics bring to the floor every game.

- Since this is the same team as last year for the most part, other teams have had one year to analyze the sets they run and the defensive schemes the employ. Nothing has really changed from last year other than the fact that Rondo is more aggressive this year than he was last year.

All in all, I think the Celtics will get to the Eastern Conference finals and have some troubles with Cleveland, but in the end prevail. It'll be Celtics v Lakers again.

What I think is really happening to this team at this moment is that the guys need a good stretch of being "off." They ended the season in June and picked right back up a couple months after that. It's a long season with all the travel and the hype from the playoffs, parades, guest appearances, etc. That's why the sports gurus say it's so tough to repeat in any professional sport. The chips are stacked up against you, big time.

One last thing contributing to this whole "it's over" mess is the fact that we're not seeing the same production out of KG as we did last year. Yea, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce are playing very well, but we're not seeing the same KG as we did last year. Some speculate that the big guy is hurt. I think he might be slightly banged up, but also tired. He's working hard out there - maybe harder than last year.

Who knows. In the end, that's why they play the games.

So C's fans, let's not give up. Keep supporting the team. Keep watching them religiously. Keep wearing your Celtics green because at the end of the day, I think we'll have another parade to go to.


Chad said...

Yep, good points all around. Lately I've been so frustrated because I know they're capable of playing better basketball. Like we discussed on Twitter, those late defensive rotations are killing them.

One thing this stretch has done is opened my mind up a bit with regard to Marbury. Granted, the guy is a creep. But it would be nice to have a legit scorer for that second unit so the Big 3 could get more rest. Pierce kills himself scoring for that group. It would be nice if he could play with them half as much and save that extra energy for crunch time.

Don Martelli said...

Agreed on a second legit scorer on the second unit. Pierce is going to burn out. Marbury isn't attractive to me, but he would bring some much needed help at the point, alleviating Eddie House and Ray Allen to shoot more when they are with the second unit.

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