Thursday, January 8, 2009


So, earlier this week I was ranting about how the MBTA needed rider
alerts in place so when there were delays or changes in bus routes.
Someone commented on a previous post and sent me a link to a service
that would provide me text or email updates to the bus line and train
line that I ride.

Great. Cool. I signed up.

I get to Wellington station this morning on the orange line. Guess
what? There are major delays.

Check my email. Check my blackberry. No messages.

Major FAIL MBTA. Major.


KellyJMF said...

Did you sign up for Orange Line alerts? I got several this morning starting quite early.

Don Martelli said...

Yep, I signed up and started getting them, but I didn't get mine until after 9am. Now I am getting the regularly. Maybe it was just a tech glitch or something.

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