Thursday, December 4, 2008

So, MBTA, we really need to talk

The MBTA is in trouble. We all know this. They are in the red and they keep raising fare rates. Then they jack up the parking lot prices, by about 100%.

Then today comes news of more MBTA shadiness.

Red Line riders will be packed like cattle starting Monday as part of an MBTA plan to herd more passengers into already crowded cars by ripping out seats in the region’s overloaded subway system, the Herald has learned.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority will run Red Line trains with two retrofitted cars that will leave only four seats on each for elderly and disabled users, according to a state official briefed on the plan.

The move, which will be discussed at today’s MBTA board meeting, will cut seating by half on some trains, which usually have four to six cars.

I have a better idea. Let's take out ALL the seats in ALL MBTA trains and have the staff jam the riders on so we can maximize the bodies on the train. Who cares about safety. Who cares about the elderly, pregnant women, kids and the disabled.

Oh yea, I forgot, this is all to help riders get a better experience. Well, gee, thanks guys.


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