Saturday, December 6, 2008

FINAL: Celtics 93, Blazers 78

So the Celtics took on the much heralded Portland Trailblazers last night and handled them like they were playing East Boston High (no disrespect to EBH, but the C's would roll). The final was Celtics 93, Blazers 78 but the game felt more like Celtics 200 Blazers 50. The Blazers had about 50 points going into the fourth, or some score ridiculously low like that.

There's just no stopping the C's this year. Oden got into early foul trouble and really wasn't a factor when he WAS on the court.

Can't we just get to the playoffs now? Why go through the 82 games? If the Celtics stay healthy, they will repeat. It'll be the Celtics and the Lakers again. The C's will get home court advantage and this time, win it in L.A. - officially kicking off another decade of heated Celtics/Lakers match-ups. We might even see a couple of beefs. Imagine Perk cloths-lining Kobe as he drove to the basket.

Sound familiar?

Ah, the old days. Love it. Bring 'em back (with the exception of the short shorts.


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