Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thoughts on season 2 of Mad Men

I just finished watching the season two finale of Mad Men. Here are some thoughts about the show, the characters and story lines as we look forward to a third season at some point next year:


Plot Twist #1
Will the birth of Draper kid #3 compel Don to open up his closet and let out the skeletons with his wife? I imagine the convo going something like this:

Don: "So Bets, you know that I was in the war and was injured. Well, Some other dude got whacked and I took his dog collars. The powers that be thought I was him and I took the opportunity to ditch my crazy hillbilly life to take on the persona of thus guy named Don Draper."

Bets: "Oh Don, that's ok. I finally got back at you by sleeping with some random dude at a bar. And oh yea, I MIGHT be going a little insane from living in this dream world."

Plot Twist #2

Pete Campbell is finally going to snap. He's going to empty a couple of shot gun shells into his father-in-law. I can hear Pete now:

"So, you want to pull your account? Well, let me know how buckshot tastes in your teeth before you give me your answer."

Plot Twist #3

Don is going to bitch-slap Duck. It'll go something like this:

Don: "So, you think you're running things around here huh?"

Duck: "Yea, that's right. Got beef with that?"

Don: "No. How about we go out for a drink and celebrate your kingdom over this place."

Duck: "Sounds like a plan."

The next scene Don is shown hooking Duck up with a couple laced high balls. Quick cut to the next scene where Duck is standing on top of a roof top screaming, "I'm a golden god..." Then he jumps off the roof and then Don's promoted to president.

Plot Twist #4

Peggy is tried of all the man-handling that her and the ladies receive in the office. She organizes a revolt with Big Red and they trap all the men inside the conference room with only rice and water to eat. After months of captivation, the men come out crying like school girls. PR/Advertising is never the same as women rule the workplace.

Plot Twist #5
The television market explodes and a new product comes on the scene - personal computers. Don creates something called the World Wide Web and has the foresight to talk about something called social media.

The media/PR/advertising landscape changes forever and Madison Avenue days become a relic, sort of like newspapers.

What do you think? Am I close with any of these predictions?


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