Friday, October 10, 2008

What do you listen to while working?

Playing tunes in the office is sketchy at times. You don't want to have anything to obscene blaring out of your speakers nor do you want people to call your office the elevator music spot. For me, it's all about tunes that keep me moving. Sometimes the selection is a mix of alternative music like Foo Fighters, Audioslave and maybe even some Angels & Airwaves throw in there. Sometimes I'll go classic rock like Zeppelin, Aerosmith or the Beatles. Every so often, I'll back to a mid to late 90s time frame and throw on some hip-hop. The thing with hip-hop though is that you need to listen to it loud and sometimes it can be quite aggressive (read: lots of f-bombs and stuff you don't want to repeat in front of your kids).

However, there are some hip-hop gems that are suitable for the office. That list includes De La Soul, which is what I'm listening to as I write this post. What would you add to that list?


MariaSophia said...

I would like to add: Brian's radio softly screeching Top 40s into the intern office.

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