Thursday, October 9, 2008

Celtics lose Tommy Heinsohn on the road

Seems as if Tommy H. is going to be riding the bench when the C's go on the road. That stinks. I love listening to the "always objective" Tommy Heinson while he's providing color commentary for the C's game.

BURLINGTON, MA – The NBA Champion Boston Celtics will once again call Comcast SportsNet home as the Green begins its 28th season on New England’s original regional sports network.

Comcast SportsNet’s legendary telecast tandem featuring Dorchester native Mike Gorman and NBA Hall of Fame member Tommy Heinsohn return for their 28th consecutive season and will call 38 home games during the 2008-09 season. Comcast SportsNet’s studio analyst and former NBA player Donny Marshall will join Gorman on 40 road telecasts while courtside reporter Greg Dickerson will provide in-game reports on all Comcast SportsNet telecasts.

(Via Messenger Blog.)


Chad said...

Such a shame, especially given that his "objectivity" is even more essential during road games when the visiting team typically loses out on any close call.

Oh well, at least they have a solid backup in Donny. He really grew on me last season. Can't wait for the opening game. Defending NBA champs... still seems like a dream to me!

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