Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ALCS game 4 recap

As I am typing this the Sox are down 13-3 in game 3 of the ALCS. I'm not too pleased. We're suffering from bad pitching, no hitting and a group of Ray starting pitchers who are hitting their stride at the right time.

Tomorrow's media coverage will be interesting - lots of postmortem stuff; we've been down 3-1 before crap; and a big heaping plate of this team is too old and it's time to rebuild.

Here are my thoughts:

- Sox will take game 5. This is the "let's throw everything at them so we can get a win" game. The problem with this is that it leaves you sort of flat for game 6, which is in Tampa. Not good.

- Game 5 will feature a loud Boston crowd from the get go. If by chance, the Sox get whooped again, especially early, I bet a Sox pitcher is going to plunk Longoria. This will be great because it'll carry over to the following year - really getting rivalry going.

- I think that if Tampa does end up beating the Sox, that they will win the World Series. They seem to be a resilient bunch and are hitting their high point at the right time. Again, they could be so high off of beating the Sox that they let down for the big show.

- If the Sox lose to the Rays, Theo & Co. will not settle for second best next year. This loss will not sit well with this group - not after all the drama the team went through this year. I expect the Sox to be extremely aggressive in the offseason. As I said, this loss will leave a very bad taste in management's mouth. Same could be said for the fans.

- Last but not least...Tampa and Sox tickets will sell out quicker than Sox and Yankees tickets.

Since the Pats are in the crapper, we now hang our parade hopes on a repeat by the Celtics or, if pigs fly, the Bruin's hoist the cup.


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