Monday, September 29, 2008

My iPhone cometh?

As most of you know, I've been dying to get my hands on an iPhone. I am tired of carrying around two devices. Yea, the iPod Touch is cool, but it's not the iPhone. I like my blackberry curve, but then again, it's just not the iPhone.

Thank you to @jimrattray for sending along this bit of News.

I have been thinking about making the switch, but this sort of rumor is going to hold me at bay as I investigate further. I love the Verizon network and have never had a problem with customer service. Yea, their rates are higher but in the end I feel like I'm getting better service all around.

For now, I think I'll wait and see how this rumor shakes out.


Chad said...

Interesting. I always found it strange that Apple would want to restrict itself to a single network. Granted AT&T pays a premium for it, but I have to believe it wouldn't outweigh the benefits of branching out.

My recent Colorado trip was all it took to convince me I could never give up my iPhone, mainly for these reasons:

1. I rented and watched movies on both legs of my flight. Switched to Airplane Mode and these movies barely even touched my battery. Awesome.

2. We tuned in to the John Denver station on Pandora via their iPhone client. Sitting by a campfire in the Rocky Mountains, with only the Edge network signal, and the app didn't lose its connection once.

3. We used the Where & Yelp apps on several occasions for restaurant/coffee shop recommendations. It became second nature to check there before we tried anything.

I have to say, I really didn't appreciate the true power of the phone until I traveled with it. Now I would hate to ever be without it!

Anonymous said...

Oh God PLEEEEEEASE let that be true. I have wavered and held on 'til the end but I am slowly looking over again at the iPhone. Just like you I LOVE my Verizon network. Wider, faster and the service is what I like. Makes you wonder why Apple just didnt work with Verizon in the first place. AT&T (cingular) and those other networds are just garbage! Have you seen AT&T's 3G network range? Its minuscule compared to Verizon's. Its a total joke!

Don Martelli said...

no kidding guys...I'm foaming at the mouth over this bit of news.

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