Monday, September 29, 2008

Letter To Manny Ramirez

Dear Manny,

I read your comments made today about your experience in Boston and felt the need to speak on behalf of Red Sox Nation with this open letter to you.

Basically, you signed big time dollars in Boston because it was big time dollars. You had no clue as to what the city was about. You had no idea that we were fanatical about our baseball team. And you had no clue that our sports writers are even more fanatical.

Are you telling me that your eight year career in Boston was so bad? Didn't you win a couple rings here? Didn't the fans pretty much support you despite all the moronic moves you made on the field and off the field?

These insights tell me one thing: you are probably the most self-centered professional athlete that has ever played in Boston and maybe in all of professional sports (well, maybe Barry Bonds). Regardless, you didn't like playing in Boston because of the media. Period. You didn't like the continuous criticism you received for the media when you were in a slump. You didn't like the microscope on you all the time - which in itself is funny because you love the attention.

At the end of the day, you are a good hitter, but all you've proven since you have been in LA via your comments about Boston is that you came here for the money. Yea, Schilling is a moron too, but at least he said the right things when he came here. He came here to win the woirld series...which he did. Yea, you helped with that, but I think you really want to be the center of attention but without all the attention. You want to be the number one person on the team. When things are good, you will take the credit. When things are in the crapper, you will not speak to the media and use your broken English as a crutch.

Regardless, if you were really "over" Boston, you'd keep your mouth shut and tell the reporters


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