Monday, August 4, 2008

Pierce living the Viva La Vegas dream, almost gets locked

Seems as if our reigning NBA Final's MVP was living it up in Vegas yesterday and almost got locked for boozin' and drivin'.

I has gotta be hard for these guys. They are young, rich, champions and feel like the world is at their disposal. For the most part it is, but when you're someone of Paul's stature, you might want to second guess having a few cold ones and getting behind the wheel.

Doesn't he have a posse or something? I'm sure he has someone in his left pocket that can play DD and cart is butt around town.

Now that the Paul has one a ring, he's going to be scrutinized even more. He'll be followed by autograph seekers more. He'll be photographed by paparazzi even more. And he'll have more opportunities to get arrested if he isn't careful.

Gotta be smart Paulie. Let's keep it real, but safe. We need a few more parades in Beantown.


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