Monday, July 7, 2008

What the heck is happening over at MassBay?

I'm sort of a higher ed junkie. Seeing that I have a ton of PR experience in education - both at the college and prep school level, I tend to read a lot about the space. I read this piece about MassBay College in Inside Higher Education this morning and thought to myself, man, this school needs some reputation management help.

The track record for the president doesn't look good. First a no confidence vote by the faculty. Then a slew of firings and resignations. No vocal support from the school's community other than the board. What dirt does she have on board members that is keeping her around? That's the conclusion I can come to. The only constant in the story is the president herself. She's the reason people have resigned. Those that don't do things her way see to get fired.

I'm very surprised that the Globe hasn't picked up on this story yet. A clean sweep of the president's entire upper level management is a pretty big story. Yes, I know it's MassBay and not Harvard, but still. If my kid was attending MassBay, I'd want answers and not a fluffed up letter from the school talking about positive changes and a new direction.


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