Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Know your neighbors, Pt 2

Remember this post about my neighbor? Well, I was wrong. He didn't pass away on Friday night. I was amazed when I found that out. Talk about fighting back the reaper. I give credit to his family as well. What an emotional roller coaster they've been on.

Well, it finally came to an end Sunday.

I was in the backyard playing with the girls and BBQing some veggies and chicken tips. I heard a loud scream and loud crying.

I knew that Ed has passed. It was very nerve racking, knowing what was going on next door and not being able to do anything about it. The girls were having a good time in the backyard, playing, laughing, etc. I almost felt bad that we were having such a good time as something so sad was happening next door.

Folks came out of the house, they were on their cell phones, making calls, etc. A couple hours later, as it got darker out, a mini-van pulled up in front of our house. I snuck a peak out of one of the side windows of my house and saw the stretcher at the end of the stairs. That confirmed it.

I've seen this sort of thing before as a reporter. However, that was a job. This was my neighbor. Someone I've chatted to about the Red Sox. Someone whose daughter's and grand daughter I've become friendly with. It was very sad.

I missed it when they brought Ed out of the house, but caught them strapping the bag to the stretcher. My gut twisted and I felt a sick. It was a very strange experience, seeing them wheel him to the car, put him in and drive away.

Because our houses are relatively close to eachother - probably 30-40 feet - you can see and hear everything that's happening next door. You try to block it all out but it's hard.

Death is one of those things in life that you can't avoid. Experiences like this remind you of that.


Charlie Kondek said...

Amazing couple of posts, Big Guy. You're so very right about all this.

Rest in peace, Ed!

bigguyd said...

thanks bud. it was an interesting and poignant experience. talked to the family yesterday. they apologized about how it all went down because they knew I was outside with the girls. I said, "don't worry about that. it wasn't a big deal."

Funny how they were thinking of me and the girls as they just had lost their dad.

There are still some good people in the world, I guess. ;)

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