Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Class-less Yankee Fans, JD Drew and why Tito is a good guy

So the AL won another all-start game last night. That's fantastic and it means that the World Series will once again have to come through Boston.

Some observations from last nights game:

- How about those &#@%$ NY Yankee fans? #&^@% 'em. The NY Daily Post runs a BS story about Johnathan Papelbon saying that he wants to close the game if he has the chance. Yes, he did say it because he's a closer and a competitor for crying out loud. What the Post didn't print was his comments about Mariano Rivera being the God Father of Closers and how the group of closers in the AL has become a tight-bit group. In fact, at last year's all-star game, Johnny Papes sat down privately with Mariano to pick his brain - no cameras, nobody watching, just the two of them talking baseball and life in general. There's no hate there. Just competitiveness. So when Johnny was called from the pen last night, of course, the classless Skankee fans reign boos down on him. Start cheering for Mariano and start calling Johnny over-rated. Hey, morons, don't you know that it's beneficial for the AL to win the game so if in the very rare chance the Skankees get to the World Series this year, they will have home field advantage. But no, let's trash the guy brought in to shut down the NL during a critical time in the game. Paps gave up one run, which tied the game, but he did close out the rest of the inning without an issue. Was he rattled? Maybe? Or maybe he was rattled because his pregnant wife was getting death threats. I've now lost all respect for anyone wearing a Skankees hat - not that I had much respect for them in the first place.

- How about JD Drew? The guy was in the crapper last year and he was the goat of the team. He stunk up the joint. This year, he's on a tear when we needed him the most (Ortiz's injury). He works his way into his first all-star game and hit a tying two-run home run in the seventh, singled, stole a base, walked in the winning rally, amd was named the game's Most Valuable Player in his first All-Star appearance. Not bad for a guy who was on the schneid last year.

- How about the game being competitive? It amazes me how evenly matched both sides are when it comes to the all-star game. There is a ton of talent on the field and very to little x-factors. It went 15 innings. That tells me there was little to no room for errors.

- How about Francona taking out Jeter and Pay-Rod in the middle of an inning so they'd get some home town love? Now that's what I call class.

Overall, it was a mid-summer classic despite the classless Skankee fans.


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