Friday, July 25, 2008

iPhones soon to be attacked by ads

How long is going to be before pop-ups start infiltrating our mobile web-browsing, especially with all the iPhone hype.

This news confirms that we'll be under attack on the mobile device as much as we are on the browser.

Once the you know what hits the fan with mobile pop-up ads, it'll give birth to another market opportunity - mobile pop-up ad blockers. The real race, IMHO is the mobile browser. I've yet to use one that I am in love with. The Blackberry browser is ok. I've also used the "Internet Browser" that comes with the BB. Each of them, however, leave me feeling a bit shafted like I'm not getting a full experience.

However, when I browse the web on my iPod Touch, it's a different ball game - this, in itself, fuels my iPhone obsession.

Regardless, this is a tech war (ad technology vs. anti-ad technology vs. browser capability) that is really still in it's infancy stages. It'll take some time before the real battle lines are drawn.


Anonymous said...

Im tellin you D. The ONLY reason I keep looking over at the iPhone longingly is the browser. Well that and the visual voicemail. Ok those two things AND the mobileme sync system. Yeah those three things are the ONLY reason I keep thinking up reasons to "lose" my phone. Those and the design. Thats it I swear! I think...

Don Martelli said...

same here kid...I feel like Pookie in New Jack City, "It be callin' me, callin' me man."

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