Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Obama Hillary ticket

Finally, is all I have to say. We now know that Obama has secured the seat on the Dem side. The one stone left unturned is who he will select as his running mate. I heard an interesting argument this morning on the radio about Obama's future selection that got me thinking about this entire political process.

Obama HAS to select Hilary. Why?

Rumor on the street is that those who support Mrs. Clinton will vote for McCain OR not vote at all if Hilary is not on the ballot. Maybe that's not the word on the street, but I've heard that said a few times via those who are really into politics.

Now, does that make any sense? To me, no. Just because your candidate didn't get top billing, you're going to vote Republican? Does that mean you (those in question) believe that McCain's policies and beliefs are that close to those of Obama? Or will your vote for McCain be cast out of spite? Or maybe you're not going to vote at all. That's also a dumb move.

Here's my point. Life is all about choices. More often than not, you are not presented with choices that are absolutely up your alley. Sometimes you need to compromise. That's what life is all about. It's also what the political process is all about.

I rarely talk about politics on this blog because it really bores the crap out of me. I do enjoy following the marketing strategies each camp employs to trash the other however.

So whether your allegiance lies with Obama or Hilary, but you're a Dem, why not just vote blue? From what I gather Obama's policies are as close to Hilary's as you're gonna get. Not voting at all would be the biggest travesty.

Just make a choice to vote. That's all I'm asking. If we don't vote, then the political process failed to do what it's designed to do - give the people a voice.

Make a choice. Don't candy-ass your way out of your right to vote just because you're gal got her butt whooped.


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