Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For the most part, Dan Shaughnessy pisses me off, but today he got it right

Sports columnists are the worst type of journalist. They can have you carrying the rally cry one day and ripping your heart out in pain the next. For me, Dan Shaughnessy typically is a half empty sort of columnist. He's the, "now that I've read this, I want to jump off the Tobin Bridge" type of columnist. I am convinced that he coined the terms, "It's over," and "Wait 'till next year" as they relate to the Red Sox (prior to 2004 of

I swore I saw some pigs flying this morning or heard a report that hell froze over because in today's paper, Mr. Dan has a column that's right on the money. It's a great piece of writing and is one of those stories that encapsulates a big sporting event like the NBA Finals without actually talking about the details of a game or player profiles.

I must admit, I do question whether or not he was actually in Faneuil Hall that late at night/early in the a.m. (never mind talking to the ghost of Red Auerbach).

There would be less people jumping off the Tobin and having mental breakdowns if Mr. Dan conjure up more of these types of stories where he truly showcases his writing talents.


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