Saturday, June 21, 2008

Celtics #17: Final thoughts

Now that the finals are over, the trophy secured, the parade all done, the visit to Fenway completed, it's time to have some final thoughts on the Celtics playoff run.

- Please sign James Posey
- Rondo is going to get better
- I really hope Perk practices his jump hook
- KG, Allen & Pierce have tasted success. My guess is that they are still thirsty
- PJ Brown was HUGE for us. Please bring HIM back
- Not really feeling Sam Cassell. Let's look at Gabe Pruitt next year.
- Powe...keep doing what you were doing. You'll be just fine.
- It would be great if Eddie came back too
- What happened to LA's big trade? Gasol who?
- Sasha Beingabitch, or whatever his name was, cried more than he played
- I want to go to the home opener next year. I'm going to make that happen

In the words of the immortal Donnie Marshall....C's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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