Thursday, May 15, 2008

Comcast buys Plaxo

Here's really no surprise in terms of a corporate / social media announcement. Comcast has bought Plaxo. You know what this means to me?

Basically that Plaxo and it's Pulse service, though not on my everyday social networking radar screen, is probably going to suck, big time. Somehow, some way, Comcast with screw this somewhat intriguing service up. Plaxo is cool because I can take my contacts wherever I want to go (which I hope Gmail will do one day). The Pulse aspect of Plaxo is another cool concept, but it really hasn't caught on as say, LinkedIn or Facebook.

I'm a big time Comcast hater. The reason being is that every time I get my bill, it gets higher and higher. Taxes. Fees. Additional charges. They are very creative in how they bill you.

Got a beef with them? Try calling customer service and good luck getting through to a live person without having to go through 8,000 menu choices.

I called recently and basically told them that they were charging me through the nose and I wanted a discount. I've been a long customer and am tired of getting reamed. Then I thought, let's try Verizon Fios? But, oh, wait a sec, it's NOT AVAILABLE in my town. Fantastic.

I guess in the meantime, I'll continue to take it up the you know what by Comcast and will expect them to screw up Plaxo.

Plaxo, couldn't you have hooked up with Google?


David Binkowski said...

You should Twitter your comment instead - they might actually listen! :P

Although price isn't something they're willing to fix. The only way to get a discount or reduced rate is to call and let them know you want to cancel to switch to DirecTV or whatever else is available. THEN, and ONLY THEN will they come back with a better offer on your monthly price.

Tip from your Uncle Lar. ;)

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