Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beth Daly's Globe piece about "Not as green as they claim to be"

I was waiting for this story to hit the papers. Just a year ago, I started this gig at MS&L. That's when the PR machine started to really rev up in terms of everyone and anyone promoting their green initiatives. It's nice to see some real journalism being produced at the paper that was once on top of the media world (well, maybe in their own mind, but at least a top five US daily).

Basically, my friend Beth (yes, I know her), pulls the card of some companies/orgs that are pumping their chests about "going green."

One of the more aggressive ad pushes about "green" has been around the Chevy Tahoe. It takes two graphs before Beth pulls Chevy's card.

But the Tahoe gets only about 20 miles per gallon - not much better than the nonhybrid Honda Pilot SUV, which also seats eight. The celebrated Toyota Prius gets around 46 miles per gallon.

Double ouch.

The slaps on the forehead keep coming:
Few companies out and out lie, but they often use vague terms with no defined meaning, such as "earth friendly," or tout an environmental benefit while leaving out the environmental harm their product can cause.
She's absolutely right. It's a PR ploy. The media is covering anything and everything green so why not hop on the bandwagon?

Like I said, good work Beth. Keep these money hungry "eco-friendly" companies on their toes. Good work.


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