Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm convinced we really do live in The Matrix

For years, the talk around fuel has been we need to find alternatives to save the planet. I agree with that. Let's do it. I'm 100% on board. But now the powers that be are raving that the cost of developing alternative fuels is driving up food prices. See the article in today's Times.

Because of this trend, I'm totally convinced that we really do live in the matrix.

Remember the scene in The Matrix when Morpheus tells Neo that, "dude, you're totally not living in the real world. You're chillin in some dark, cold, cave like warehouse in a world that's controlled by machines. To add salt to the wound, the machines are sucking your lifeless body full of it's energy to fuel themselves."

Neo's like, "Whoa."

As the movie goes along you're introduce to the agents. One in particular, Mr. Smith, talks to Morpheus about how humans are like a virus. We just take over an area and suck it dry of all it's natural resources. When we're done, we move to another spot.

Look at the history of mankind. That's exactly what we've done and what we're continuing to do. Hello?! We're trying to get to Mars? Why? So we can suck that planet dry too.

So yea, I think we're living in the matrix. This can't be real? Why spend on this time and energy trying to come up with alternative fuels to only drive up the costs of food. It's like stealing from paul to pay peter - or however that saying goes.

File this under FUBAR.


Charlie Kondek said...

Regrettably, Big Guy, now that you have revealed this basic truth, "they" are coming to get you. Red pill or blue pill?

The Big Guy aka Don Martelli said...

I'm going in...screw it. If it means I can shed some flubber for diesel muscles without roids AND kick some machine ass via some dope crouching tiger moves, I'm all over it. No need for water to wash it down. In fact, give me two reds. I'm feeling good.

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