Wednesday, April 30, 2008

F-Globe columnists, Yooooooouk, and without the Internet, I'd be lost

Yea, I know, yet another mixed bag of topics this morning. That's why blogging is so interesting because you can cover whatever you want to cover all in the same breath. On the menu this morning is a b*tch slap to Dan Shaughnessy of the Globe, thank God for Kevin Youkilis and how Google Maps has made me a better driver.

First is the slap for Dan S. at the Globe. He writes today about the Celtics and how they are now on the verge of exploding because we are tied 2-2 to the Hawks. The team is imploding, KG and crew are losing their cool on the court, Pierce is throwing up gang signs, Ray Allen is an old bum, etc.

I'm tired of Shaughnessy and his glass half full punk ass. He LOVES this crap. He LOVES to sh*t on our teams when they are done. He lives for it. He writes books about it. That's what he does. Anytime he writes something that praises a player or a team, you can almost smell the tears shed because he'd rather take a big dump on folks like Francona, Doc Rivers, Chara, Brady, or whatever Boston sports figure you want to mention. He thinks that he's the voice of the Boston sports fan. No way. More often than not I've heard people complain about his columns than praise them. I wish he would take the buy-out and go work for SI or something. Let's get some fresh blood here.

Speaking of fresh blood, seems as if the Sox finally got a transfusion last night. After a long four game skid, the team pulled one out of their arses last night via a single to center in the 9th with runners on by Kevin You-Don't-Know-Me Youkilis.

The Sox have been horrible as of late. Getting swept by the Rays was not a good thing. Yes, you read that right, swept by the DRays. That has never happened and I hope it'll never happen again in my lifetime. The DRays, IMHO, are the classic "let's put a team in a random spot in the US, see if it sticks, and hope we can make some money." They are never going to be contenders unless the buy the World Series with free agency. I just don't see it happen. Small market club playing in the same division as the Sox and Skankees. No way. Not gonna happen.

So back to last night. The team has been playing like a high school team. No pitching. Bull pen looks like it's in shambles. Timlin? Joke. Delcarmen? WTF? Oki? Ok. Johnny Papes? Decent. Seriously though, isn't this pretty much the same team as it was last year? I guess you could say that we've been hit by injury bug or some sort of bug that has caused our early demise.

Then again, it is April/May. We usually expect this type of low dip in performance come June/July. Maybe we're just going through the funk early to plow through the rest of the schedule on our way to back to backs.

Speaking of plowing...actually, this has nothing to do with plowing...

Read this piece of Google news today. I'm sure most of you use Google maps or something equal to Google maps to help you navigate your way around the Globe. With Google's street view, you can actually see where you're headed. They've now fused Street View with direction you map. The plug here is that without such services, I would be good with directions as I am now. Such services have increased the sheer volume of roads I know, street names I can remember and, the best part, short cuts I know. I'm all about short cuts. I'd rather bob and weave through neighborhoods than go through a long stretch of stop lights. I hate the stop and go. Thanks to Google maps and Street view, I know where I'm going. No more pulling over at gas stations and asking for directions. Throw in the Google maps application on my Blackberry Pearl and my car basically drives me to where I'm headed.


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