Sunday, April 13, 2008

Booster seats, Weekend sports, and Weak Coffee

So it's another lazy Sunday here in the Martelli house hold. I like that way. Do I clean the basement? Fix the fence in the backyard? Prep for the work week? Or maybe just sit on my behind and blog all day long. That's the beauty of Sunday with no plans. It's like an empty canvas. In terms of news and sports, however, it was an interesting weekend.

Booster Me Some News
First off, Gov. Patrick tried to slip a piece of legislation past the general public yesterday by passing the booster seat law.

Basically, all kids up until the age of eight have to use a booster seat in the car. This replaces the weight requirements that were in place before. Now if a kid doesn't reach a certain height he/she has to use the booster seat in the car until they are eight. I applaud the legislation. It makes total sense. Maybe it was a timing thing with passing the legislation, but why get this out over the weekend? Is it because more people are home and paying attention to the news - so no one would miss it? That's my guess. Typically, Saturday's are slow news days so it makes perfect sense to get this out there over the weekend and on a day that it would pretty much dominate the news and be the lead story - which it was. It continued to today with the "man on the street" story. You know what I'm talking about. This is where the media gets the reaction of the general public.

What got me about this coverage was a couple parents who said that they weren't going to follow the law because it would be hard to get their kids to use the booster seat.

Are you kidding me? It would be hard for you to get your kid to use a booster seat? That's ridiculous. You're the parent. You simple make the kid use it. No if's and's or but's about it.

Love Weekends Packed With Sports
This weekend was full of sporting entertainment. Let's review:

  • First off, we had the Bruins (yes, I'm leading with the Bruins), who are now pretty much fighting for their playoff lives as of this morning. They are down 2-0 and lost a heart breaker in OT last night. They played well, were aggressive, skated hard and were hitting. The Habs, on the other hand, were just that much quicker and in sync on offense. They look like the team to beat IMHO.
  • Secondly, we had the Sox Yankees at Fenway. The Skankees too game one of the series, but the Sox rallied to take game two. The one thing I have to say about the Sox and Yankees these days is that it's not really the same. We've won the last two WS in the past four years. Each time we've handled the Yankees like they were the DRays. Maybe it's because I'm into hoops and pucks as of right now versus baseball. I'm sure I'll revisit this as the weather gets warmer and baseball is the sole focus of the sporting world.
  • Celtics keep rolling - even though they are in the playoffs and have the best record in the league and home court advantage throughout the second season, the C's continue to dominate teams they should be dominating. They played the Hawks last night and won convincingly. The good thing about this win is that the Hawks might be the C's first round opponent. So needless to say, the last win of the season in their small series will set the tone when the real season starts.
  • Did you know that we have some pretty good college hockey teams in this state? As a matter of fact, we have the best team in the nation right here in Boston - your Boston College Eagles won the national championship last night. When things are going good, they go real good huh? We are spoiled in Boston, for sure.
  • Masters - I used to be into golf, but it's lost it's allure for me a bit. I am keeping my eyes on the Tiger tournament, but it doesn't appear like Tiger will win. It's the field this time.
Weak Coffee
So on the weekend, I'm usually up with the kids. The wife is up all week and I take it on the chin and get up early. That's ok though. I'm an early riser to begin with. I'm also trained to get up early because I'm doing it during the week anyways.

Part of the routine is to wash the dishes from the night before and get the java going. Gotta have the java on a slow Sunday morning. It's a perfect wingman as I sit at the computer and begin planning out my blog posts.

So, back to the "weak" in the headline.

I get up this morning and do the usual. Get the kids drinks, change a diaper, and get the coffee fired up. Mrs. Big Guy comes down stairs a couple hours later and fires up some java. She then calls me out and says my coffee is weak.

Wassup with that? What's the deal with the hatorade on my coffee? I'm a regular coffee drinker. I don't need the high octane stuff to get me going. As a matter of fact, the last thing I want is to feel like I am sitting across the table from Juan Valdez.


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