Monday, April 14, 2008

Ban pink hats

A media inquiry to a service I subscribe to gave me the idea for this post.

Now that the Red Sox are in full swing and I'm working back in town, all I see on game nights are PINK HATS! I can't stand them.

No, I'm not one of those morons who think that by wearing a pink hat or even a camo colored hat means you are not a fan. I'm just of the mindset that thinks if you're a fan of the team, you should support the team in its original colors. I've never been a fan of alternative jersey's or retro jerseys for that matter or really alternative team gear in general.

When pink hats became all the rage at Fenway, it made me want to puke. Though some of the pink hat wearers are legit fans, I can't help but think that they are on the bandwagon or are there to get a peak at Elsbury's or Beckett's behind. These are the types that don't pay attention to the game and spend most of it yappin' on their cell phone. For the most part, like I said, these folks are fans. However, they do look silly wearing pink hats. They sell the same style in blue, fyi.

The pink hats, like all the other alternative gear, is just a marketing ploy - a reason to get you to spend your money - or your husband's/boyfriend's money.

No thank you. I'm good with the solid blue hat with a solid red B, maybe even an authentic Papi home jersey.

Pink hats should be banned. Those that come to the park wearing them should be banned for life.


Anonymous said...

A real fan would know how to spell Jacoby Ellsbury's name correctly. This is just another manifestation of Boston's "us versus them" mentality, where the old-timers lord over supposed newcomers and tell us we haven't suffered enough to be "real" Red Sox fans. Do you even know what the original Red Sox colors are? Are we going to back to calling the team the Mayflowers? The Somersets? The Pilgrims? Wear the caps from 1930 that have the Puritan hat on them? You do know the caps weren't always blue and red don't you? So lets just put this talk of original colors to bed. Don't you mean the original colors when *you* became a fan?

The Big Guy aka Don Martelli said...

My anti-pink hat stance is an us vs them thing? Are you kidding me? By no means am I talking about how "great" Boston teams are, how everyone else sucks. I am not by any means saying that "new" fans aren't real fans. To some, I would be considered a new fan as my history goes back to the late 70s.

I'm talking to our current fan base. I'm saying that if you are going to support the Red Sox, you should do so in the colors that they wear on the field - colors, not logos, jersey designs, etc. If you want to represent a hat from the 70s or even the early 1900s, by all means, please do so. You know why that's kosher? Because the hat is going to have some sort of red, white or blue on it. Those are the original colors. Pink Sox garb has no place in Fenway park. So maybe the "Pilgrims" had black on the logo. It sure wasn't pink.

And no, I don't mean support them in the team colors when "I" became a fan. I mean support the team in the colors they have always worn - red, white, and/or blue. You can argue for black, gray and even scarlet for that matter.

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