Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thoughts on diving under water

The Swiss have invented a car that can "drive" or dive under water. Other than Bond enthusiasts and auto freaks, who really gives a %&$^? The kicker is that it's an "open air" or should I say water vehicle with no top. It had to be this way for safety reasons.

So what happens when you dive into the deep a la Sean Connery?

You use the integrated air tank. Piece of cake.

Here's why I'm complaining about this. Why the hell do inventors like this Swiss company bother with concepts like this? What use could this possibly have? You can't just have cars diving into water freely? Imagine the mash up of traditional boats and cars/submarines on your favorite lake? It would be freakish. Not to mention the practicality of the concept.

Maybe there is some military use, but for a guy like me - house, kids, mortgage, 40+ hours a week - this is a stupid idea and a waste of time and energy.

Why can't inventors work on curing cancer, AIDs, or the FLU!?!?!


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