Friday, February 15, 2008

Puke Fest 2008 Pt. 2

So, you all recall the post I had recent about the Puke Fest I experienced. The worst day, by far, as a parent.

Well since that dreadful day, there has been a string of sickness that has bulldozed its way through our family.

Get this.

Superbowl Sunday, yes, that dreadful 18-1 day that will go down in infamy and which turns my stomach more than the smell of puke, was the scene of Puke Fest Pt. 2. I've purposely held out telling this story until the pain of 18-1 was at least bearable.

We were at the my bro's house doing some SERIOUS livingroom-gating as I call it. By the time the pre-game shows came in, I was "fahkin' hammid kid."

I'm out on the back porch, chillin with my bro, uncle, and cousin when I get the call. "Ah Don, you might want to get in there. Kid #2 just puked."


I just finished getting rid of the smell from the first puke scene. Now this?

Kid #2 started Puke Fest #2 right before kick off and continued to puke throughout the game. Now, she's just over a year old, which means, she's a spunky, funny kid. She would look like she was hit by a truck, then puke some serious nasty sh*t that I've never seen before. It got so bad, my wife, my aunt, sister-in-law and my cousin's girlfriend rotated on zone D with a bowl and a rag. So when kid #2 puked, we were able to catch it.

Yummy...just don't mistake that for the salsa dip please.

So after 18-1, we headed home. Get the kids to bed and throw kid #2 in bed with us. Everything is cool and the gang until about 4 am. She sits up, starts coughing and I knew what was coming next.

That's right, puke.

This time, I caught it all in my cupped hands, just like someone catching an egg.

At this point, I'm so used to dealing with puke, that I feel like a linebacker who just broke his leg.

"Coach, grab some duct tape. Slap it on the leg and put me back in the game."

The next morning we wake up and all is good.


Wife is now part of the Puke Fest Team. She continues to hurl throughout the day. No gory details to share here. I'll spare you of them.

Here's the kicker. The Puke Fest disease, runs through the office. A few people get it. I guess I was the carrier.

Didn't know I could do THAT much damage. Just call me the Weapon of Mass Destruction from "Seveah Reveah kid."

Since Puke Fest 1 and 2, we've seen a steady diet of runny noses, colds and now fevers. My oldest currently has a temp of 102.

Up until this year - she started school in the fall - we've all been relatively healthy. I'm convinced that schools are breeding grounds for filth and germs. It makes me want to home school my kids for cryin' out loud.

Hopefully, we've seen the last of Puke Fest. I'm hoping it's a one time gig. No encores. No reunion tours. Simply no more.

However, my now very keen parenting senses are telling me this is just the beginning.


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