Thursday, February 28, 2008


Been meaning to write about this subject for some time now as I've been working back in Boston since a 4 year hiatus. I'm also tooling around over at Gather (yet another social networking site). I posted it there. Here's a snippet:

I've been meaning to write about this topic for quite sometime but never had the time to do it. Since I'm testing out Gather, it's functionality, usefulness in terms of my social networking and Web 20. needs, I figured I would post something on this topic here.

I've worked in Boston for quite some time. For a 4 year stint I was working for college prep school just north of Boston, which meant that my "in town" days were very, very limited if null and void. Since it's been almost a year being back in town, I've noticed that the homeless situation has gotten worse IMHO.

There are more homeless men and women on the train, in the train stations, begging for change, out on the streets, etc.

Two examples that pop in my mind.
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Kristian Erik Hermansen said...

Mass RMV is the worst! They are reporting incorrectly to ChoicePoint / ChoiceTrust / LexisNexis that my license was suspended 7 times when this is totally wrong. I emailed Mass RMV and they just tell me to call the number or come into the office. This sucks because...

1) I live in California now -- can't just walk into a Mass RMV office
2) The hour+ hold times on their phone lines are ridiculous and unacceptable. Then, when you get someone, they just tell you to come into an RMV location anyway for almost everything because close to nothing can be handled over the phone.

This organization needs some process re-engineering to improve their internal operational efficiency. But do they even care? Probably not! What benefit do they have by serving more customers of the state of Massachusetts -- that's just more work! I'm so pissed right now...

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