Thursday, February 28, 2008

Elected Mayor of Loserville Today

This is dedicated to my loving wife, Mrs. Big Guy, who loves a great fall.

This morning I was elected Mayor of Loserville.

Here's why:

I have a new business pitch today, so I'm dressed to kill (if I could even pull that off). It snowed over night and it left about an inch or so on the ground. The Queen, aka our oldest daughter, has school today. This means that the Big Guy has to take the bus.

Cool. I'm good with that. Done that. Been there.

So the commute goes well. Everything is smooth. Bus is quick to get there. Train is wide open. I'm feeling good about my day.

I get out of the train station and walk to the curb to cross the street. Their aren't a ton of people out and about yet as it's just about 7:15am in the morning. Just the early birds are sprinting to work.

I get to curb, start to cross in the cross walk (at a red light), get to about a foot away from the island and blam!

Wipe out. I didn't fall back. I didn't fall forward. I sort of fell straight down. It was weird. I tweaked my ankle and knee. I could barely get up because my left leg felt like it was amputated. It was a pretty good fall.

The worst part of it all was the fact that there were cars at the red light. You KNOW they were in the car watching this and saying, "oh man, what a wipe out. loser."

The ankle still feels off, but the ego has been crushed today. I can hear Mrs. Big Guy laughing at me as we speak (remind me to tell you folks the story of her falling, in an empty parking lot, then having someone laugh at her from across said parking lot).


Hend Hijazi said...

you know people can be silly sometimes,I mean accidents can happen to anyone.
so i hope your feeling better now,and i hope that you got the job.
maybe you should buy another car.

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