Sunday, January 6, 2008

How big was Big Baby last night?

Glen Davis carried the Celtics to a win last night in Detroit. If you didn't watch the game, it was the closet to Championship basketball that was played in Boston since the 80s. It was an unbelievable game with lots of ups and downs, great plays, bad calls, fantastic defense, etc. It came as advertised as they say.

The biggest surprise of the game was the play of Big Baby, Glen Davis. The rook scored 20 points, 16 of them in the 4th. It seemed that every single bucket he had was big and a bucket that the C's needed to keep the clawing Pistons from getting back into the game.

I felt that this was a critical game for the C's. You know that the C's will face the Pistons in the playoffs. If we lost to them one more time, in a close fashion, it would leave some doubt whether or not they could beat them in a seven game series. We needed to win last night in a tight fashion to give us the gusto, the confidence, so that come playoff time, we know that we can run with the best in the East. Now, if we can only take at least one from Duncan and Co., then we'll be talking about the possibility of a championship in Boston - yet another one, besides the Pats and the Red Sox obviously.

Pierce was big last night. He was making some shots, but he seemed to be distributing the ball well and kept finding Davis for all those big buckets.

A bit more on Davis.

The reason I dropped the random Good Will Hunting clip in there? Well, Glen Davis can just play. He can rebound, he can shoot, he can play D, box out, pass, etc. The one thing that I like about his is the fact that he's a big guy and knows how to use his big frame to his advantage. Seem that last rebound he made, between Sheed and Co? That was ridiculous. The other thing is that the kid can shoot fre-throws. How many rookies would drop as many freebies in as he did? That's a short list.

I was thinking that House or Posey would play a big role in this game. Nope. It was Big Baby.

One other small observation about his is that he doesn't put the ball on the floor. He goes right up with it. Now, if Perkins could only do the same thing. He needs to learn from Big Baby, big time. If Glenn was about 3-4 inches taller, he'd be starting at center, no doubt.

What a game. Lots more of the season yet to be played. Something tells me however, that we'll be seeing Sheed, Chauncy and Co later this year in a seven game match-up.

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