Thursday, October 18, 2007

Morning ramblings

Just plowing through my second cup of coffee, courtesy of work. Here are some morning ramblings:

  1. Patrick endorses Obama - yawning, not caring. what a "shocker."
  2. Well, doesn't BU have a ton of dough. Must be nice.
  3. Congrats to Niki...seems like a nice lady.
  4. What the frig are they smokin' in Maine? Birth control pills for middle schoolers?
  5. Want a good read? Check out Kevin Cullen weekly in the Globe. Helluva writer.
  6. Screw sheisty mortgage brokers. What a pain in the ass they can be. Glad Mass. is tightening the screws on 'em.
What do you think Bush is saying to the Dahli Lahma?

"Dude, what's the spread of the Pats game on Sunday? They are gonna kick Miami's ass. You want in on the action? I'll give you the over for $50."

This is the type of story that goes unnoticed, but should be read:

Ezekiel W. Hodsdon was on the job for about 16 months when the Boston police officer went looking for suspicious persons on the streets of East Boston. It was Hodsdon's last shift. Around 5 a.m., as he wrestled with a burglary suspect near Maverick and Havre streets, a second man crept up behind him and shot Hodsdon in the head. Today at 10 a.m., 150 years to the hour after the New Hampshire native became the first Boston police officer to die in the line of duty for the nation's oldest police force, Hodsdon will be remembered with a new granite memorial where he died.

That's good stuff.


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