Friday, October 12, 2007

Funny rants on Craig's list

I'm a part-time pro photographer. I find a lot of my leads for weddings and such on Craig's list. Recently, there has been a swarm of posts from people looking to get photog services for dirt cheap. In response, there's been someone reposting the requests with retorts basically saying, "hey, you want good work, you pay for it. Stop trying to pimp out photographers."

This has gone on for a bit now. Seems as if someone has fought back in response to a post that was asking for photogs at 15 bucks an hour for a non-profit gig):

I personally do a great deal of work for non-profits as a volunteer, and I am a professional photographer, it's called giving back. I have been blessed with a talent which happens to make money and I thrive for the chance to give back to the community.

Please understand that non profits still have many expenses that they need to meet and in order for them to continue to do what they do, they seek out sources for products and services, like photography, for reduced rates or no cost. Just because they are non-profit does not mean they can pay more, every penny they make is marked for something.

Now, if you have nothing better to do then to surf Craigslist and bash posters who are looking for something on a tight budget, the least you can do is learn about grammar, punctuation and capitalization.

I am torn on this issue. I love working for or on behalf of mission driven organizations. However, I expect to be paid according to my skill set and expertise. To a certain extent, you realize that you're not making the money that you normally could working in the corporate world, but there's a fine line of giving back and getting hosed.

I'm in the middle on this one. $15 bucks an hour? Bring it to $40-60 and it's a deal (even that's cheap).

Bottom want good quality work, you have to expect to pay for it accordingly.


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