Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Playoffs, Championships and Parades

Spring is here and in Boston, that means sports galore. The Bruins and the Celtics are playoff bound and the Red Sox are in full swing.


I have a great feeling about how the Bruins will fare in the playoffs this year. They hit a little funk about a month ago, but have come back with vengeance. The last game against the Habs was more like the Haggler / Hearns fight back in the 80s, not a hockey game. I think it'll be the B's and the Sharks in the finals - the two top teams, beating the crap out of each other for the right to hoist that heavy peice of metal over their shoulders. That would be an instant draw and GREAT marketing opportunity for the NHL as Joe Thorton would make his return to Boston to try and beat the team that traded him away a few years ago.

First test will be those pesky Canadiens. B's in a tough and physical six games.


If the Celtics are going to repeat, it's looking like their road to another parade might start against Philly and finish in LA (with a pretty good detour in Cleveland). Both LA and the Cavs are playing great ball. The Magic are a threat in the East, but I just don't think they are physical enough to stick with the C's in seven. I do worry about KG's knee and the depth of this team that's taken a hit because of injuries. Then again, Doc might just be holding the walking wounded back so that they come back in full force come playoff time.

Red Sox
It's way to early to talk about the Red Sox because I'm focused on the C's and B's. However, I was able to snatch a couple of opening day monster seats. That experience alone got me thinking about when baseball really kicks in for me, which is about after the NHL and NBA playoffs (once our teams have been eliminated or won). I will mention one thing about the Sox that's ticked me off so far...starting pitching? All the starters look like AAA pitchers, with the exception of Beckett who pitched a gem on opening day but then earned a six-game suspension by throwing at Bobby Abreu's head in his last start.

Speaking of playoffs and championships, I have to tip my cap to the Boston Unviersity Terriers. It hurts to say that as I'm a Northeastern University Husky, but their dramatic overtime win in the men's hockey national championship was quite a thrill to watch. It also helps knowing that the Huskies were beat by the national champion. (I still owe @jimrattray a 12 of Magic Hat #9s via a Bean Pot bet).

Maybe, just maybe, the Terriers are kicking off parade season in Boston.


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