Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to stimulate the economy family style

Today the wife and I decided to ignore the strong feelings to stay attached to the couch and decided to stimulate the economy with a variety of "things" for the house, lunch at the 9's and finally bedroom sets for the girls. Not sure I alone can get the economy out of the toilet but darn if I'm not going to try.

We are at stop number one, the Christmas Tree Shop. While I hate the place I have to admit my wife is good at finding those bargains and small things that ads flaire to the old domicile.

I sat this one out with the kids in the car. One is sleeping and the other is playing her video game. So far a success.

Running total of economic stimulation:
- $18 for gas
- $15 for coffee cup decoration things, funky matches and an Easter rug.


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