Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to avoid being a new media DB

Am I am new media DB?

Hope not. I hope I'm creating content that people WANT to read instead of just pumping out content to gain more followers on Twitter.

What's truth telling about this video is the fact that it's pretty much dead on with about 85% of the new media "experts" out there. Lots of talk. Lots of tagging. Lots of posting. Lots and lots of lots of stuff. Volume, volume and more volume. Those actually something of relevance to you or your company are the ones to pay attention to. Then again, not all content speaks to everyone and as such, not all new media "experts" are "experts" in the eyes of all.

So what does all this mean? Why all the double talk? Well, most of what I read comes across as double talk. This isn't brain surgery here people. Simply find relevance for your content and read people that provide relevance to you. That's how you avoid being a new media DB. Provide value to SOMEONE (preferably groups of people) and you should avoid being labeled as such.


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