Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cute, but is this really news?

It really baffles me why so much energy and content is devoted to this story. Yea, it's cute and has the animal factor, but in a time when people are losing homes, losing jobs and losing their sanity because of the economy, why is this important? I'm all in favor of positive stories but this isn't about personal triumph (the falcon probably thinks otherwise) or about success in a dreary period of our country.

Live On The Internet: Peregrine Falcon Lays An Egg

GORHAM, Maine -- A camera at an undisclosed Maine location that streams live video onto the Internet has recorded a rare peregrine falcon laying an egg. Biologists from the Biodiversity Research Institute in Gorham confirmed that the falcon dropped the egg at 1:30 p.m. Friday. Falcon Cam Senior biologist Wing Goodale said he and his colleagues had been getting little sleep as they watched with bated breath for the last three days after the female spent the night on her nest for the first time. The nonprofit institute said breeding peregrine falcons are listed as a threatened species in Maine, with only 23 known pairs nesting in 2008.


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