Thursday, February 26, 2009

Social Activism Marketing by MS&L

Today my firm announced a very cool PR offering called Social Activism Marketing. I would write a lengthy post describing it but our managing director did a great job of setting the table.

The majority of consumers no longer perceive values as a nice-to-have attribute in the organizations with which they do business. Instead, there is a growing demand that companies offer key stakeholders a recognizable ethical compass and demonstrate steady allegiance to it in deeds, as well as words.

The sociological reasons for this are the stuff of future textbooks. Scandalous and irresponsible business practices have fueled intense scrutiny. Economic distress has bred a “whose side are you on” consumer response. And common concerns about food, fuel, water and war have fueled a global human agenda. The energizing factor behind this movement is the Internet. Its ability to create connections and drive transparency has unleashed super-powered consumers.

We now have the opportunity to be, and also create, activists for our clients and their ideas. This renewed focus on activism is so important to us at MS&L that we incorporated it into our agency brand tagline: Advisors. Advocates. Activists. The effects of activist communications in a digital age can be dramatic and powerful, helping us motivate influential audiences to become passionate advocates and activists for our clients’ companies and brands.

While cause initiatives have gained in popularity in the past four to five years, the cause marketing opportunities now are much greater than those previously defined. With the country’s focus on service, the influx of digital tools and the desire to do things the right way, we have entered the age of Cause 2.0, or “activist marketing.”

It's no longer enough, as an organization, brand or a company, to say you will do good things. Consumers want see their values in yours, and they want to share that belief with others. Attaching a brand to a higher purpose can no longer be treated an add-on. Planned smartly and executed flawlessly, it is indispensable if a brand wants to gain market share faster than competitors and keep customers loyal during this difficult economic climate.

We believe only authentic, integrated communications can move people from seeing to believing. That's why today, MS&L is unveiling its Social Activism Marketing specialty, a proprietary approach based here in Boston and built on a unique and powerful blend of corporate social responsibility and cause marketing. I invite you to learn more about this exciting, new way of activating consumers behind social causes to the benefit of society and your brand, to move people and profits, to demonstrate both value and values.
Check out the various links online to the announcement, the plug on PRWeek's blog or's mention.


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