Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beanpot, ARoid, Octuplets, MA Politics and Whitey Bulger

A few random thoughts this morning relating to a handful of stories littering the newspapers today:

Boston University won the Beanpot...again. Whoopie ding dong. As a Northeastern grad, I was pulling HARD for the Huskies to dethrone the hated Terriers. The Huskies came out flying around the puck in the first period. Things leveled out in the second. The game was neck and neck up until mid-way through the third when BU score two short-handed goals within a minute of each other. That was the nail in the coffin. Worst part of all this is now I owe a client and friend, @jimrattray a 12-pack of @magichat #9's. Adding salt to the wound is the fact that one of our interns at MS&L Boston is a BU student and we've been talking trash since last Monday. Needless to say, I'm ready to eat a big portion of crow.

Out of all the juiced up players during the steroid era, I would never have suspected A-Rod to be on that list. I assumed the guy was just naturally talented. Well, he wasn't. He was un-naturally talented. The numbers really don't lie. His HRs jumped by about 15-20 when he was with the Rangers. I love his "apology" that was cooked up by some spinster:

To all those journo's who have Hall of Fame votes. Don't let him in. Treat him like McGuire, Bonds, Clemens and the rest. They juiced up. They cheated. Want to protect the integrity of the game? That's how you do it. Don't give them the votes...ever. Cheaters. (subsequently, I'm interested to see what Red Sox players are on the list - hello Nomar.) The only thing ARoid did was apologize, sorta, immediately. Any communications professional will tell you to admit wrong doing immediate and begin rebuilding your credibility. That's the only way out from under a PR nightmare. And oh yea, Obama also thinks you're A-Fraud.

We've all read the story about the woman who gave birth to eight kids...yes, eight kids. The kicker is that she already had six at home...yes, six. Did you happen to catch the interview on NBC with the mom and the kids? It was like she was auditioning for a movie. What I found interesting was when she was asked about how she was going to feed all those kids she basically said God will find a way to help her. Sorry honey, you mean the state and your fellow taxpayers. Why, in your right mind, would you want any other kids when you have SIX AT HOME. This is yet another reason why a test should be given to all those that want to be parents. What a moron. I feel sorry for each of those kids. The road that lies ahead is going to be a difficult one. God speed kido's.

MA Politics
A cpuple things caught my attention this morning relating to some political chess by Gov. Patrick and Mumbles Menino.

First up is Gov. Patrick and his attempt to fix our roads. The way he wants to solve MA's chronic shortages of highway and bridge money is to jack up the gas tax by $.29. Doesn't sound like a lot of money, but it would give MS the highest state gas tax in the country while apparently generating enough revenue to potentially rid the Massachusetts Turnpike of tolls. Yea, right. Heard that one before. Let's give you more of our hard earned cash so you can figure out creative ways to over spend on more state projects. Thanks, but no thanks Mr. Governor.

Secondly, Mumbles Menino has decided that he's making too much money. In fact, a lot of peeps in his circle will be expecting some pay cuts - as much as 3 percent. Additionally, Mumbles is asking about 17,000 other state workers to freeze pay raises for a year. While I applaud the effort, Mumbles is only doing this because he's starting to feel the heat a bit as other credible Bostonians are vying for his job.

Whitey Bulger
Apparently, Whitey Bulger is still a priority with the feds and they need help from those on the other side of the pond, specifically scribes. Hey guys, leave the dude alone at this point. He's a million years old and unless he's car bombing American's in Iraq, what can he be doing from his secluded hide-out in Southie that requires tax payer money to be churned like butter.

That's all the news that's fit to print. Until next time.


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