Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thoughts on Varitek signing

The is he going to sign or not going to sign drama is over. Captain Jason Varitek will be behind the dish for at least another year (with a second option year).

It's hard to tell what really happened between both sides, but there was some sort of sticking point. My guess is that Tek really wanted that second year and BorASS wanted him to hold out for it, thinking that the market where there.

Tek's chance to cash in big time was during the 2008 season. Yes, he had issues off the field, but playing baseball is his JOB. If you're up for a contract, it's your job to perform as best as you can to ensure that you have some flexibility in the market. Maybe "economic conditions" contributed to the lack of big money for Tek. However, he was offered arbitration and could have made MUCH more money if he took that offer. You have to question the counsel Tek was getting.

In the end though, it's nice to have Tek back with the team. The biggest reason is his defense and pitch calling capabilities. Yes, he "handles" the staff well. However, I think the staff LOVES having him back there because of how manages the game. It helps them be better pitchers.

For those that talk about his offensive production, tell me how many other catchers in the league are powerhouses at the plate? Any of them hitting clean-up (prob wrong here, but that's ok. I'm trying to make a point).

Here's what I think every team wants out of that position.

  1. Solid defense
  2. Smart pitch calling
  3. 10-15 homers
  4. At least 40-60 RBIs
  5. Toughness at the plate so he's not run over
  6. The ability to calm pitchers down and focus them when they are in a jam.
  7. Leadership in the clubhouse

Tek brings all of that (in addition to being a fan favorite). Nice to have him back. Let's hope he kills it this season and gets that second option year locked up sooner rather than later.


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