Monday, January 5, 2009


When conditions are icey, can you please alert bus riders on the 110
from Revere to Wellington Station in Medford that the bus will be
bypassing the Park Ave hill due to conditions? Ypou have a website.
Use it. How about text alerts?

Or is it that you'd rather have those on the Park Ave Hill area guess
as to whether or not the white and yellow chariot is going to stop for


Yours Truly,
A 23-Year MBTA Customer


Anonymous said...

What -- you expect customer service from the MBTA? How foolish!

Anonymous said...

Dan Keldsen said...

I really don't understand why the T can't provide useful announcements of any kind. Not in person, not on the website, not over the speakers while on the train...

The Washington DC train system has had this stuff for over 20 years (not always working, but that's another issue). Come on Boston!

Dan Keldsen said...

The T Alerts functionality is interesting, except that, being a Red Line customer, I'm underground most of the time. This is why having signage IN the train and on the platforms that provides updates should be the MAIN method.

I've never had a cell phone (verizon, at&t, sprint) that worked well underground in Boston. Taking advantage of the infrastructure that they already have in place seems like a no-brainer to me.

For people above ground on the Green Line, and perhaps Blue and Orange, perhaps the T Alerts are useful. Are they?

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