Monday, December 29, 2008

Keep Matt and release Tom?

Considering the fact that Matt Cassel is healthy and Tom Brady is supposedly not healing as he should be from a knee injury, do the Pats sign Cassel and release Brady?

Statistically, Cassel had Tom Brady type year. He's five years younger. He's quicker outside of the pocket. He's physically bigger and at times has appeared to be tougher than Brady on QB scrambles (do you think Brady would have gotten the first down on that fourth down play yesterday?).

Oh man, this off season is going to be an interesting one.


Ed Cafasso said...

You are out of your mind. Until it's clear Tom Brady is permanently damaged goods, there should be no question about who is the better quarterback. Ask Randy Moss. Ask any Patriot receiver who runs a pattern beyond 15 yards, which is the limit of Cassell's accuracy. Plus Brady is smarter, guaranteed.

Don Martelli said...

I agree with you 100% however, you KNOW Brady's knee isn't up to par. He's a lot older and it's harder to bounce back from knee injuries - especially post 30+ years old. Additionally, Matt's stats were comparable, if not better, than Tom's in his first year as a starter. All I'm saying is that releasing Tom in favor of Matt IS a viable option - a very unlikely one - but one that might be considered because of all the variables at that position now.

Rob said...

Executing Tom Brady in the town square is also a theoretical option, doesn't mean it makes any sense. Neither does your idea. Tom Brady is a certain Hall of Famer and one of the top 5-10 quarterbacks of all time. Game over.

Don Martelli said...

As I mention above, I don't think it's the best idea, but it IS an idea. I bet it does cross the minds of the powers that be in Foxboro, but only for a fleeting second. They need to worry about losing Scott Pioli and Josh McDaniels. Tom Brady will be the QB next year and Cassel could be the most expensive clip board holder in NFL history.

Colin Waters said...

It makes sense to keep Cassel. He is a free agent who has stated that he would like to stay with the Pats, which is one of the only teams a player would say that about and actually mean it. Therefore I think you may be able to sign him for cheaper than the market would be able to get him for.

However, you'd still have to pay a good deal of money for him. Which would create a lot of money on the books at the QB spot. And with Brady's knee in the shape it is in, it would be hard to trade him for the value he is actually still worth.

I, who am actually a Jets fan, would think it would not be out of line if BB decided to get rid of Brady. He seems like the guy who says win at all costs.

Don Martelli said...

I think what they should really do is suck it up and sign Cassel. Then see how things work out with Tom's knee. And finally, while TB might have the upper hand in terms of the starting job, let them battle it out in training camp. It might fuel the competition between both of them. If Tom comes out on top, look to trade Matt to the Lions or the Browns (wherever Scott Piloi ends up because he'll hook us up for all the stuff the organization has done for him over the years).

All in all, the Pats are in the drivers seat. They are in a good position. The offense is still in tact and no matter who is at the helm, the team will compete for the AFC next year again - this time, hopefully not losing tight divisional games and MAKING the playoffs.

Andrew said...

How quickly people forget. Tom Brady is a first ballot hall-of-famer, the best player in the NFL, top 5 QB of all time, and 31 years old. The guy is out one season with an injury and people want to put him out to pasture. I think you either need to franchise Cassell (which isnt a great option for anyone) or let him go and hope Brady is ready to rock for opening day in 2009. Cassell had a solid season, but expectations were pretty damn low. I think you are not living in reality f you are ready to lean on him over Brady, even an older, injury recovering Brady.

Colin Waters said...

We don't know if Brady will come back with the force that he usually plays with. You don't want to solely pick Brady because he is the quarterback who has won for me want the quarterback who will win for me now and in the future.

The question remains if Brady will be able to do that. Why keep him and struggle for a few years just to see him win it in five years, when Cassel could lead the Pats to three Super Bowl titles.

Think this happened in 2001...when Bledsoe went down, Brady came in and rocked...and said audios to Bledsoe.

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