Sunday, December 28, 2008

Globe spotlight on Partners HealthCare

The Globe continues it's three-part series on the stronghold Partners HealthCare has on Massachusetts. I won't get into the issue but rather point out an interesting thing in terms of the coverage.

Typically, these long-draw out pieces are supposed to bring to light "shocking" or "in-depth" news that has the "gotcha" factor. One could argue that this Spotlight effort is lacking the "gotcha" because the impact that Partners has had on this state has been well documented and discussed at length by those in the industry.

What I do like about this coverage, is the video segment that they put with it. It really adds more value to the package than just the up-teen graphs of drawn-out text.

Then again, the video is really just a voice over with some handy dandy vidcam work. Either way, this is an example of how old media can add new media flavor to their day to day role of delivering content to the masses.

Check it out:


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