Saturday, November 8, 2008

Manny never comfortable in Boston

I'm really hoping Scott Boras gets hit by a train soon. I'm tired of his mouthing off and all the mud he throws back at Boston.

Manny thinks that his crap doesn't stink. He doesn't want to be scrutinized. He doesn't want to be talked about in a negative way. He could never understand why New Englanders were so passionate about baseball, which really makes me laugh because as a professional baseball player you have to be passionate about the game. At some point, Manny was a fan before he was a player.

From his snake of an agent regarding why Manny never moved to the suburbs like other professional Boston athletes (read, move to large, big house complexes where your neighbor is four football fields away and the area is gated):

"I think he explored that [moving to the suburbs] and he did not find the process to be much different," Boras said. "It was just basically that the Boston community for Manny was something that he was just not comfortable with. He happens to be comfortable in the suburbs of Cleveland, or in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but that's just an individual appraisal on his part. He felt that way for years. He voiced it to management and certainly that was the reasoning behind his decision."

Manny has enough money to buy any house that he wants. He came to Boston for the biggest pay day of his career at that point. He didn't think about the pressures he would face in Boston, especially in a pre-2004 Red Sox Nation.

So Boras, please shut your pie hole and find a new home for Manny. Do your job and stop trying to get ink for yourself.


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