Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What to recycle and what not to recycle

Pretty interesting post over US News' "Fresh "Greens" blog regarding what to put in your recycle bin and what not to.

Pizza boxes are bad. Seriously.

Pizza boxes. The oil from pizza can contaminate cardboard boxes, making it impossible to process them into clean paper.

Napkins and paper towels. It's not the paper goods themselves that present a problem, but the fact that they're typically used to wipe up food, cleaning products, and other "hazardous waste."

Sticky notes. Their size, color, and the adhesive strip make them a better bet for the trash bin.

Plastic caps. Curbside programs won't recycle them, but Aveda collects them and turns them into packaging for new products.

Wet paper. Paper fibers that have been exposed to water are shorter and therefore less valuable to paper mills, making it unprofitable to collect and recycle.
[VIA: Fresh Greens]


MariaSophia said...

I did not know that! Speaking of recycling... just started following this blog... The guy started a challenge for himself where he won't throw away trash for a year. Pretty interesting...

Don Martelli said...

that is interesting...genius. guy is pulling in some serious dollars I bet.

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