Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Like baseball stats?

I consider myself a fan of the game of baseball, but this stuff is ridiculous. Talk about having too much time on your hands. However, maybe it's a case of being like Rain Man.

Red Sox' record within the American League East. They are a major league-best 57-33 in games against other divisions.

Games in which the Red Sox scored first — more than any team except the Mets (100 games).

Red Sox' record in games where they scored first (.750). The Angels have the best record in the major leagues when scoring first (.810).

42-6, 30-18
Red Sox' record when they scored first at home and when they scored first on the road.

Red Sox' major league-best record against teams that finished .500 or below. They were 44-48 (.478) against teams that finished over .500.

18-5, 4-18
Red Sox' record in one-run games at Fenway Park, best in the AL, and record in one-run games on the road, worst in the AL.

Red Sox' record in games decided by between 3 and 5 runs, second only to the Cubs (38-15).

ERA of opposing lefthanded starters at Fenway Park this season (5-12 in 21 starts). The Angels' Joe Saunders was 2-0, 3.75 at Fenway in 2008.

Red Sox' record in games Coco Crisp started. They were 32-32 when he didn't start. The Sox were 40-18 in games where Crisp batted eighth or ninth.

Red Sox' record in games Jason Varitek did not start.

Red Sox' record in games Kevin Youkilis started.

(Via Extra Bases.)


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