Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If I had an alter-ego, Hector would be it

I'm a firm believer that everyone has two personalities. For example, I grew up in an urban neighborhood and consider myself very street smart. When it comes to books smarts, I'm a few pennies short of a dollar. However, I do have clusters of areas where I am an expert - take photography, graphic design, computers, socialnet and corporate PR for example. These are areas I have excelled at over the years. In fact, it's because of those clusters that I am in the position I am today - VP for a PR firm, working in the corporate practice, lead socialnet and tech go-to person in the office, etc., etc.

While in the office, I'm a mild natured sort of guy who brings a blue collar approach to a white collar job. On the other hand, when I'm with the fellas, at the Razor for a Pats game, I'm a different beast all together. Now I know that's probably not considered two personalities, but if you have ever seen me in action at a Pats game, you'll agree.

My point here is that everyone puts on a front at some point in their lives and that's not a bad thing.

If I were to have an alter-ego on the blogosphere, it would be my man Hector. I could go into all the details, but just read a few of his posts and you'll see where I'm coming from. Hector is raw. I'm more well-done. This is true in every way with the exception of sports. Hector is a Tampa Bay Devil Ray fan and I'm hoping that the Sox meet the Rays in the ALCS. I would love to read a long, fire-laden rant from Hector about how sick and tired he is of the Sox, especially after they stomp, spit and throw away the world series hopes of all the bandwagoners who now call the Trop home.

Despite all the profanity and hatred, Hector is a good writer and is pretty darn funny. Too bad his Rays are going to be playing golf sooner than the Red Sox will be.

(if you can't tell by now, this post was all about firing up Hector and getting him to spit something witty, trashy and down-right rude back at me. Why? Because it'll be funny as all hell)


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